RTF Services is an experienced and innovative partner in the field of fire safety.

Companies and industries are always faced with safety risks, and insurance companies call for increasingly preventive measures from companies. Fires cause major losses and danger to both property and people. 

Stig-Erik Herrgård from RTF Services realized this already 30 years ago. While working as a chief fire officer, he saw firsthand what deficiencies in fire safety can lead to. From the beginning, the company’s guiding principle has been to offer preventive fire safety measures so that accidents can be avoided and expensive damages minimized.

The company initially focused on fire-preventive cleaning and restoration services under the name Easy Wash. When Rescue Team Finland was formed, the operations were divided into cleaning and fire safety services, the latter quickly establishing the core of the company’s operations. All services have belonged under the name RTF Services as of 2018 in order to keep the operations as unified as possible.

A unique combination of fire safety services

During its 30 years in the industry, RTF Services has optimized its working methods and mobile equipment, resulting in a unique combination of fire safety services.

The services complement each other and, from our customer’s point of view, having the same staff manage the whole process is both smooth and cost-effective. Cleaning and fire safety namely go hand in hand – fire risks can be minimized by up to 80% by keeping the environment dust-free.

Continuous development and improvement of our operations as well as that of our customers drive RTF Services forward. Our goal is to maintain our status as an innovative forerunner in the field of preventive fire safety. When fire-preventive measures are carried out systematically and professionally, this directly affects the customer’s results and the wellbeing of their staff. Therefore, we promise –

Security pays off.

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Rescue Team Finland Ab Oy

RTF Services is the company’s marketing name. Services are also carried out under the names Rescue Team Finland and Easy Wash.

  • Founded in 1991.
  • Employs circa 18 persons.
  • Operations in Finland, the Åland Islands, and Sweden.
  • Customers include power plants, shipping companies, industries, insurance companies, and private persons.