Fire restoration and damage mitigation with 30 years of experience

Fire damage may range from a little soot to the complete or partial disassembly of damaged constructions. Therefore, in addition to cleaning, fire restoration encompasses the disassembly of damaged constructions and the reconstruction of the damaged parts. A damage evaluation is performed in connection to fire restoration, and it may be complemented with damage mitigation, if necessary.

Fire restoration of personal estate can be carried out on-site concerning slight damages or alternatively in our facilities. We are experts in deodorization and also offer ozonation, if necessary.

Sometimes fire damages are total and there is nothing to save. RTF Services has machinery and equipment for demolition and clearing work after fires and other accidents.

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Our common fire restoration measures


smoke deodorization



demolition of damaged parts and reconstruction


30 years of experience in fire restoration

We have carried out fire restoration for 30 years and know that no fires are similar. We listen to your wishes regarding restoration. Feel free to contact us and ask more.