Damage mitigation – prevent expensive consequential damages after fires and accidents

Damage mitigation takes place when the fire has been extinguished and before fire restoration begins. It is always preventive. The right action at the right time prevents the occurrence of further damages at the accident site and also minimizes damages often caused by downpours, cold, and water.

Damage mitigation should be started as early as possible in order to rescue remaining property and thus avoid further consequential damages. RTF Services is on-call 24/7 and ready to get to work on any given day around the clock. In urgent cases, our unit is ready to start within one hour.

Damage mitigation and fire guarding with 30 years of experience

We have performed damage mitigation for 30 years and developed efficient working methods. During wintertime, we arrange temporary electricity supply with generators and heat blowers to prevent pipes from freezing. We also take care of temporary insulation as well as cover roofs and windows. In connection to damage mitigation, we can carry out fire guarding with our own fire truck and extinguish the fire if it reignites.

One phone call to us is enough – we handle everything, keep watch, and address the most pressing issues until someone else takes over. Our damage mitigation work routines are documented and a part of the ISO 9001 quality management system. When damage mitigation is carried out by the same staff, the cooperation runs smoothly and waiting is avoided, rendering the work cost-effective for the customer.

Contact us as soon as disaster strikes – the faster we get to you, the smaller the damages and costs will be!

Contact our on-call foreman, tel. +358(0)-400 166 263.