The HSE Coordinator has overall responsibility for occupational safety

According to the Finnish Occupational Safety and Health Act, large construction projects must have one or more appointed HSE Coordinators to supervise the work during the project. HSE stands for Health, Safety, and Environment.

The HSE Coordinator is responsible for occupational safety and the environment during the project. When several different companies and subcontractors are involved in a project, it is important that someone ensures that laws are complied with. Among other things, the HSE Coordinator makes sure that guest workers have adequate training and also answers for waste management and scaffolding at the worksite. From a statutory point of view, the most important thing is occupational safety and that the worksite is safe for the persons working there.

Part-time or full-time HSE Coordinator

We can provide a part-time or full-time HSE Coordinator for your construction project.  In addition, we can provide a responsible site manager for private persons’ various projects.

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