Efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning with dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly disinfection method that can be used when water-based cleaning methods are not suitable. It is a completely dry method and chemical-free. We carry out dry ice blasting for industries, municipalities, cities, and private persons.

Dry ice blasting can be used for several purposes

Almost any surface can be cleaned or removed of dirt, both indoors and outdoors and regardless of the time of year. The method uses dry ice (-78 °C) that sublimes into gaseous carbon dioxide immediately when it hits the surface. Compared to sand blasting, dry ice does not leave any residues apart from the material that is removed from the surface. As a result, it is gentle to the surface.

Examples of application:

  • Industrial objects; pumps, machinery, engines, and hydraulics.
  • Facades, walls, statues, gravestones, monuments, and pavements.
  • Fire restoration, graffiti removal, and mold remediation.
  • Metal, stone, concrete, wood, and plastic surfaces.
  • Removal of soot, tar, oil, paint, lacquer, glue, asphalt, algae, and moss from surfaces.
  • Removal of loose paint from wooden facades before painting.
  • Vehicles, trucks, mobile homes, boats etc.

We are a part of Dry Ice Finland. We offer dry ice blasting services in cooperation with them and employ their methods.

Are you in need of an efficient but gentle cleaning method that is suitable for most surfaces? Contact us!

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