Reduce waste costs with efficient sludge handling

RTF Services performs sludge handling and dewatering of sludge with centrifuges for industries and other operations that generate sludge and residues. Dewatering is suitable for most sludge types. We also have the experience and equipment to handle mining industry residues.

The process separates water from sludge. Depending on the type of sludge, the water is often sufficiently clean to be routed into drains after analysis. The dried masses are directed to containers straight from the centrifuge and transported to a collection point or final disposal.

The total amount of waste becomes smaller when excessive water is removed. It is not profitable to pay for the transport and waste costs of water, which is why sludge drying is a cost-effective solution.

Our centrifuges are built on trailers and can be easily moved from one place to another. As a result, our services are available all over Finland, the Nordic countries, and the Baltic states.

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