FirePro does not cause any damage to electronics or other equipment. It also does not affect the oxygen content, which is an advantage for the firefighters during the operation. FirePro's aerosol is estimated to be 3-10 times more efficient per unit of weight than Halon was at the time. The products also have valuable benefits such as being cost-effective and better for the environment.

Another thing that is very unique about FirePro's products is that even if the electricity and battery backup have been knocked out, the extinguishing bomb will still be released automatically. This is done with a magnesium charge found in the bomb – it's unique!
FirePro is approved in fire classes A, B, C, F and El 130,000 volts. The FirePro aerosol consists of a potassium nitrate mixture, with a particle size of ~1micron that is neither corrosive nor electrically conductive. It is easily ventilated after extinguishing.

The containers can be mounted on the ceiling, on the wall or under the floor and thus do not require any extra space. No extensive installations are required for pressurized gas cylinders or complex and expensive piping systems and sprinklers. Where they are placed depends entirely on the extinguishing strategy.

Aerosol consists of small particles Potassium carbonate (~1 micrometer) that is sprayed into the room in gas form and breaks the chemical reaction in the fire. The decomposition process absorbs the heat from the fire, causing the temperature to drop by about 100 degrees in 30 seconds. FirePro works best in enclosed spaces. There are products for fixed installations and manual units for fighting ongoing fires.

FirePro automatic extinguishing systems are a cheap and efficient way to fire-proof server rooms, control rooms, switchgear, power station, garage, buses, trucks, boat engines, machinery, storage spaces or other enclosed spaces where fire would cause long downtime. The extinguishing system is triggered by a extinguishing centre, smoke detectors, adjustable temperature sensor or self-trigger at 300 degrees.

The extinguishing bomb is available in several different sizes from the smallest FP-8 intended for smaller electrical centers, dishwashers, small outboards, thick TVs, etc. to the FP-5700 for server rooms, switchgear, archive rooms, etc.

FirePro Fire grenade

FirePro extinguishing grenade is a first responder (FIP) tool that allows you to start the rescue operation even before the task force is in place. Fire and rescue services are constantly under pressure to put out fires while reducing the risk to firefighters. The extinguish grenade extinguishes and dampens the fire by about 100 degrees per minute. The grenade is primarily developed as a tool for first responders for use in closed burning objects. Within minutes, the grenade cools and extinguishes the fire core. Which reduces damage to property and reduces the need for remediation. The use of the FirePro® the fire grenade in a closed space has been shown to buy precious time by lowering the temperature, suppressing or even extinguishing a fire; ultimately helps save lives, property and the environment.

The FirePro extinguishing grenade is also environmentally friendly, compact and has a long service life.


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